AMOU and MUA secure win for the Diving Industry

AMOU and MUA secure win for the Diving Industry

The days of crews aboard diving vessels working through
their breaks is set to become a thing of the past after the Fair Work
Commission’s landmark decision.

The AMOU and the MUA successfully challenged the hours of
work versus the hours Pro Dive employees were getting paid. Deputy President
Asbury said in her decision, “The Unions have put cogent evidence before me
which establishes that on the balance of probabilities employees are regularly
working hours in excess of the maximum daily hours under the Diving Industry

The problem is rife throughout the Diving and Marine Tourism
industries with employers paying a daily rate and expecting their employees to
work through their breaks, extending their working hours to 16 hours in some

Deputy President Asbury’s decision went on to state, “Employees who are directed to take their meals in the dining saloon with passengers and to remain there for a specified period are working,” setting a new precedent that will help divers across the industry.

AMOU’s QLD Organiser Tracey Ellis says, “This a great
outcome for the diving industry. All these employees want is to be paid for the
hours they work. The fluctuations in the tourism industry shouldn’t be an
excuse to exploit workers.”

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