Why Join?

AMOU / Why Join?

Serving Maritime Officers for over 130 years

The AMOU’s mission is to represent, protect, support and advance the careers and interests of Australian Maritime Officers.

The AMOU serves members by assisting with employment services including advice on employment contract matters, employment vacancies, access to marine legal liability insurance, Superannuation support and Personal Injury assistance (including workers’ and seafarers’ compensation) to name a few. We are continually developing and evolving our member benefits to reflect you and your families needs and security.

Representation and advocacy

Are you having a disagreement with your employer, having a workplace issue or need back up? Our officers are here to support you.
We understand the processes, and can help by liaising with staff and management.

If necessary, we also provide comprehensive legal support and representation. We can refer you to one of our industrial officers, who are qualified lawyers.

Why be an AMOU member?

Joining the AMOU provides you with best protection at work, better conditions, job advancement and workplace protection. Can you afford not to be a member?

Higher wages

It’s a simple fact that AMOU members get paid more. We collectively bargain with employers, so you get more pay. The more members we have, the stronger we are when we negotiate.

You’re not on your own

Unfortunately you won’t always be treated fairly at work. Problems arise, and if they do, the AMOU is here to help.

We provide assistance with industrial advice, legal advice and social welfare.

Any AMOU members who are having workplace issues can email us or for immediate advice can call us on (02) 9264 2388.

If you’re still in doubt as to why being a member of the AMOU is for you, here’s a full list of all the benefits:

  • Legal representation and other support services in case of a marine incident
  • Participate in Collective Bargaining
  • AMOU represents members in enterprise agreement negotiations
  • AMOU representation in Personal Grievance procedures
  • AMOU representation in Dispute Settlements Procedures
  • AMOU representation for members before the Fair Work Commission
  • Advice on employment contract matters
  • Employment vacancies
  • Superannuation Support
  • Personal Injury advice (including workers & seafarers compensation)
  • Study information packages (including links to marine orders etc)
  • Easy to access links page for finding marine-related information on the internet
  • Forum site for communicating with colleagues/delegates across the various facets of the maritime industry on a wide range of topics
  • Advice and representation on professional matters.