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Executive Council


Captain Tim Higgs

From the very beginning of Tim’s career, he always knew he wanted to make the move off the deck to the bridge and it was in 2002 he got away to sea, on blue water vessels as a TIR with Teekay Shipping. In 2005, he went to work in the offshore oil & gas industry and continues to work in the field today.

In 2008, Tim grabbed the opportunity to complete the Second Officers Watch-keepers course in Newcastle and in 2012 did the Chief Officer and Masters Course at Australian Maritime College.

Seeing the opportunity to improve our industry, Tim was first elected as a National Offshore Delegate to the Executive Council in 2010. Then in 2014, he was elected to President the AMOU. He’s been actively involved in the AMOU since joining in 2008 and taking particular interest with issues in the oil and gas industry.

Since being on the Executive Council of the AMOU, Tim has a good overall view of the issues Australian Officers face and is determined to protect, improve and secure our industry and our jobs. His vision is to create a level playing field and fairer employment opportunities and conditions for all of our membership whether it be international blue water shipping, coastal shipping, the oil industry, or the many roles our members fill within the port services parts of industry.

Modernising the union’s outlook and the way it operates and negotiates on behalf of members is another key focus for Tim.  He says, ‘We’re getting smarter and more strategic by improving our services and member engagement as well as representing members effectively across all sectors with improved EA’s and lobbying, to improve our industry and create secure jobs in all states and territories.

‘Taking care of members at work and at home with professional advice, insurances, training, and welfare support is our renewed vision. We’re also focused on being adaptive to the inevitable changes in the industry such as automation and ensuring our Officers and members are well trained and competitively well advanced to take on the new challenges.

‘I look forward to working with you to take on these exciting new challenges pushing harder to revive our industry and as always, protecting, securing and advancing your interests.’

Mobile: 0407 184 944



Vice President

Captain Kerry G. Bullock

Kerry has been an active member of the Merchant Services Guild/AMOU since 9 March 1982. He had previously served as the MSQ Cairns Pilotage Services AMOU Delegate and North Queensland Port Pilot Council Member. Prior to being elected as AMOU National Vice President he was elected and served a full term (4 Yrs) as an AMOU Executive Council Member.

His qualifications include a current Master Class 1 (Unlimited), Senior Marine Pilot Cairns with Unrestricted and Check Pilot Licences for the ports of Weipa, Cairns, Karumba, Mourilyan, Cape Flattery and Pilot for oversize passenger ships in excess of 240mtrs LOA for the Port of Cairns.

Kerry’s professional career progressed over a number of years through the ranks from a QLD Master Grade 4 until achieving a Master Class 1 (unlimited). He is currently employed by Ports North Pilotage Services Cairns as a Senior Marine Pilot in the Cairns Region and has been a Marine Pilot for over 10.5 years.

His previous employment has included Small Coastal Cargo Vessels, Barrier Reef Tourist Vessels, High Speed Craft (Catamarans and Hovercraft), Tugs (Port), Offshore Oil and Gas (including DP operations), Cable Laying, Cargo ships, Offshore Safety Consultant and Shipping Consultant. He has also worked as a Master in Australia, Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan and Vietnam) PNG and South America.

His vision for the AMOU is to see the union as a professional organisation that clearly has the interests of its members at the heart of its being. The AMOU is currently being modernised to better respond to and deal with the massive changes and challenges that the maritime industry currently faces.

Kerry serves as part of an Executive Council and its leadership that is willing to make difficult decisions in the interests of the organisation and its members. Importantly for him, he believes that the current restructuring is essential to reflecting and achieving the objectives and needs that our membership expects and deserves.

Kerry strongly believes that the future of our organisation and how it must operate is vastly different to that of only a few years ago. With this in mind it is clear that the AMOU must operate professionally and with a very high degree of flexibility, efficiency and relevance and to this end he believes that the modernisation and generational change that is being undertaken will indeed address this need.

He sees the AMOU serving its members well into the future continuing a long tradition of representation, support and assistance to its members.

Mobile: 0434 333 351



National Delegates

Aaron Wild

Aaron has 20 years experience in the Australian maritime industry across a wide variety of harbour, port services and bluewater roles.

Initially obtaining his Master 5 and 4 on tugs and harbour boats around Sydney Harbour, he then transitioned into Ship Agency work in Melbourne and Sydney, where he gained valuable commercial acumen and international shipping experience.

After attaining a Bluewater cadetship, Aaron has progressed through the ranks to his current role as Chief Officer.

Aaron holds a Bachelor of Business (Maritime and Logistics) as well as a Bachelor of Applied Science (Nautical Science) from the Australian Maritime College.

His vision for the AMOU is to build on increased value and services for the membership and establish and enhance professional relationships industry wide.

Mobile: 0421 492 318



Brent Middleton

Brent started his maritime career in 1998 on small commercial vessels before gaining a cadetship with ASP Ship Management and has been an AMOU member since gaining his 2nd Mate’s ticket in 2002. After 5 years in the Bluewater, he had the opportunity to join the RV Southern Surveyor and gain some great hands on experience. After a few years with P&O Maritime he transitioned to the Offshore where he worked with several companies on a variety of different ships such as ROV, survey, construction and AHTS where he have been sailing as Master since 2012.

Brent’s role as one of the National Delegates, sees him assisting and overseeing a variety of different areas of the union’s operation to help ensure that the member’s interests are served to the best of the Union’s abilities. He is sincerely dedicated to the continued improvement and progression of our Union and communication and cooperation at all levels between the Union and the membership is vital to this progression and something he works hard to achieve for the members at every opportunity.

Brent says, ‘With our industry in it’s current situation which has been so hard on so many, now is the time more than ever, that we need to stand up together and be counted. We have the qualifications, knowledge, skills and experience necessary to safely and efficiently service our homeland coastline and with an active Union that is moving forward with active members. We must all work hard and stand united to ensure Australian Officers are seen by all as the professional seafarers we are’.

Mobile: 0428 409 936



Port Services Delegate

Darryl Dorron

Mobile: 0417 749 594


Offshore Oil & Gas Delegate

Glenn Andersen

Mobile: 0407 557 563


Seagoing Delegate

Captain Matthew Jepson

Mobile: 0409 061 120


Towage Delegate

Captain Ken Blackband

Mobile: 0429 057 615


Marine Pilot Delegate

Captain Andrew Hawkins

Mobile: 0428 487 141


Eastern Area


Brent Warhurst

Vice President

Seat Vacant


Ivan Ross

Southern Area


Andrew Walsh

Vice President

Daniel Payne


Captain Luke Hosking

(also holds a seat on Executive Council)

Mobile: 0439 909 627


Western Area


Paul Dolan

Vice President

Seat Vacant


Captain Dan Pearson

Mobile: 0407 959 760




Executive Officer

Mark Davis

Executive Officer

Mark put himself through a law degree in New Zealand working seasonally in the heavily unionised abattoir industry. This working environment and his fondness for industrial law led to his first trade union job as Assistant Secretary of the NZ Merchant Service Guild. The Guild is the NZ equivalent to the AMOU.

After 10 years of doing everything associated with a national trade union operation, in 1995 Mark accepted a secondment to the International Transport Workers’ Federation’s newly relocated Asia/Pacific Regional Office in Tokyo. In 1998 he returned to NZ to coordinate the ITF’s seafarer union development program until 2010 – having a hand in the creation of new maritime unions in Malaysia, Timor Leste, Sri Lanka and Turkey and overseeing reform in unions in Indonesia, Philippines, Russia and Ukraine. He returned to a regional role as ITF Asia/Pacific Deputy Regional Secretary until 2016, having particularly supported the Pacific Island unions,  organising airport workers and Thai fisheries workers and assisting in the establishment of the Independent Federation of Myanmar Seafarers.

Mark started his role as AMOU Executive Officer full-time from  March 2017. He says, ‘Long term sustainability for the union is the priority and the President, Executive Council and I all share the need to increase direct and visible engagement with the membership and to reinforce the fact that we are a membership driven union that responds to the needs of its members’.

He follows on to say, ‘We do not dictate what the members need. We must provide economies in expenditure but a balance must be struck between meeting the members’ needs and setting a pathway to sustainability. We must increase our union density and take members with us into a new era.

‘We need to deepen our relationship domestically with AIMPE to cooperate openly and use our synergies to good economic effect. We also need to build our relationship trans-Tasman with the Guild and globally with the Nautilus family of unions particularly when it comes to jointly campaigning and using these global connections to develop blue water jobs for members.’

Mark believes the unity of purpose campaigning brings to a union needs to be escalated as well as particularly promoting our industry and our members as a workforce to the exclusion of competitors and aligning us more with tax regimes that apply to officers internationally.

Mobile: 0437 099 886



Brisbane Industrial Staff

Tracey Ellis


Tracey Ellis has been a member of the AMOU since becoming a Coxswain in 2009 while working for Brisbane Ferries. She went on to complete her Master Class IV and MED III and drove Brisbane City Council’s fleet of CityCats for about seven years.

Before Brisbane Ferries, she worked as Leading Hand Dining on Captain Cook Cruise’s M.V. Reef Endeavour which operated between Cape York and Port Hinchinbrook.

While travelling overseas, Tracey had a little bit of day work on Super Yachts in the US. She also worked as a waitress and loading car decks aboard M.V. Kaitaki, a 180m ROPAX vessel in New Zealand.

Tracey became an AMOU Delegate at Brisbane Ferries in 2013 and participated in two EBA negotiations before resigning her role as a CityCat Master and becoming an AMOU Organiser.

Mobile: 0427 204 738



Sydney Industrial & Administration Staff

Martin McEvilly

Industrial Officer

Mobile: 0427 068 143



Liz Jenkins

Officer Manager

Landline: 02 9264 2388




Melbourne Senior Industrial Officers

Jarrod Moran

Senior Industrial Officer

Jarrod joined the AMOU in 2014 after more than 6 years with the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) where he was the Senior OHS and Workers Compensation Officer. Previous to the ACTU Jarrod was employed at the Victorian Trades Hall Council as the Workers Compensation Officer.  Jarrod started his union career at the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance where he worked as an Industrial Officer from 1996-2000.  In 1997 he was part of the ACTU Organising Works program.

Jarrod has a wide range of union experience, from representing individual members in grievance matters to whole of movement representation in Federal Government forums.

Jarrod has qualifications in Civil Engineering, Unionism, Community Development and Management.

Mobile: 0417 316 370


Chris Neiberding

Senior Industrial Officer

Chris started organising with the Student Union while studying at Western Sydney University. The issues being tackled then was lack of funding, course cuts, overcrowded classes and the then Howard Government’s attempt to abolish student unions nationally, which was defeated.  In 2008, Chris joined the Finance Sector Union of Australia were he organised and worked on campaigns around wages, jobs going overseas, and personal security of members in banks.

Chris was also a delegate for the FSU on the ‘Your Rights At Work’ campaign which is now said to be the most significant political campaign mounted by a non-party political group in Australian history and was a big reason for the Libs losing the 2008 election.

In 2012, Chris joined the AMOU as an industrial Officer and has worked extensively over half of Australia representing Tug Masters in Darwin, to Pilots in Hobart and everything in between.

Chris says, ‘I’m proud to work for a union with over a 100 years of history in representing maritime workers in Australia , but most of all proud to work with so many dedicated AMOU delegates without whom this job could not be done’.

Mobile: 0407 912 932



Fremantle Industrial Staff

Glenn Walsh

Industrial Officer

Mobile: 0438 408 901


Glenn Andersen

Offshore Oil & Gas Delegate & Organiser

Glenn started his working life as knife-hand in the huge abattoirs in NZ where union membership was compulsory by law. Going to sea at 16 was something his father, and his fathers father, had done before him. And with a twelve year break as a brickies labourer and then a rigger, the sea came beckoning.

One of Glenn’s career highlights was two years travelling the world as an AB on the ITF campaigning vessel MV Global Mariner. The desperate struggles of oppressed workers and the scale of poverty he witnessed all around the world made him appreciate the working conditions handed on to us by past union members.

Glenn has never been far from organised labour and most of the time as a delegate, and sometimes as the unofficial delegate.

Eventually Glenn made his way from AB to the bridge and after a few more years in the blue water, started in the offshore oil & gas industry. He has been an AMOU member since 2004 and has served on the AMOU National Executive since 2015.

In 2017, Glenn was approached to take up a temporary position of AMOU Organiser in the WA Office. Part of his role involves ship visits, which has meant he has been able to meet many of the great members who make up the offshore division. He is now a permanent appointment as Organiser based in the Fremantle Office.

Mobile: 0407 557 563